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right now at 5:00, first day of same-sex mortgage in new york. hundreds of couples lined up to tie the knot. we'll have reaction from both coasts. as norway mourns the dead, the manifesto reveals the man's grand plan and what it has to do with former cal professor ted kaczynski. debt talks continue. the deadline is aweek away. we'll tell you if either side got any closer to a deal today. the news at 5 start right now. good evening.
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i diane dwyer. this is the first day gay couples are officially marry in new york. they're doing it by the hundreds. here in california, the issue has been tied up in the courts since 2008. michelle franzen has a look and the pride and politics in new york today. >> take you, connie -- >> take you connie, to be my spouse. >> spo be my spouse. >> reporter: hundreds of couples made history today at city clerk offices in new york city. saying "i do" on the first day same-sex marriage became legal in new york state. >> by the laws of the state of new york, i now pronounce you married. >> reporter: all around the city and state, koums lined up and waited hours to get approved for a marriage license. >> for better or worse. >> for better or worse. >> reporter: before making it official. >> oh, it feels great to finally new york is recognizing our relationship. >> absolutely. >> and that we can be on the record as being a family and get all the rights that we deserve. >> reporter: the first weddings
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in the state started just after midnight. at niagara falls, kitty and sheryl, who have five children and 12 grandchildren, couldn't believe their moment had finally arrived. >> i keep thinking -- i keep thinking there should be something more i have to do to get here. i keep thinking that -- it just -- it's not real. >> reporter: michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. there were protests as well. thousands of people marched in mid town manhattan in front of the governor's office. a christian claimed the number reached 10,000 people but police would not confirm those numbers. protesters were demanding state lawmakers put the issue before voters in a state wide referendum. unlike here in california, new york does not allow people to directly put to petition the gay marriage issue on the ballot. the only way to put it to a vote
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of the people in new york is for lawmakers in both state house and senate to vote to do so with a simple majority. in the bay area gay couples can only look on at ooefshts going on in new york while the same-sex issue is rooted in the bay area, it's mired in the courts. kimberly with more. >> reporter: diane, people we talk to say this does bring them hope, though, that california might be the next state to make same-sex marriage legal. some are sure of it. they say it's just a matter of time. others are cautiously optimistic. for five months in 2008 same-sex marriages were legal. 18,000 rushed to tie the knot before voters overturned the supreme court ruling. the constitutionality of prop 8 tied up in court with appeals. people we talk to say the process has been frustrating but the wait will be worth it when and if same-sex marriage is made legal here. >> it wasn't our time, but it will be our time.
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and, you know, there's a lot of people who deeply love each other, who want to make that commitment. and they should have the right to. and it will happen. >> we're behind the times already, but it's going to come. i know it's coming. i'll be really excited when that happens, too. >> reporter: some california couples are headed to new york, hoping to make their union official at least there. we met one couple who says that they just want to wait until same-sex marriage is legal across other states. that's what one partner said. the other partner said he's ready to get married as soon as possible. everyone we talk to here says they are celebrating with new york today. live in san francisco, kimberly terry, nbc news, bay area news. >> thank you. authorities in british columbia are still investigating what caused a crash that killed a family of four from palo alto on friday. 49-year-old robert howard and his wife, 50-year-old anna marie diaz and two daughters just started a three-week family
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camping trip through british columbia. canadian authorities say they were driving in could tkootenay national park. the driver of the tractor-trailer apparently walked away unharmed. we spoke to relatives who say they are still in shock. >> it just seems impossible, a family with so much -- so full of life could just be gone so quickly. >> robert howard grew up in palo alto and attended stanford university, their two daughters, 11-year-old and 9-year-old, both attended public school in paola alto. the suspect in friday's twin attacks that left at least 92 people dead in norway is scheduled in court tomorrow. his lawyer says he's willing to explain his actions during that hearing. part of the suspect's manifesto were almost word for word from the writings of unibomber ted
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kaczyns kaczynski. nbc's martin fletcher reports on why the suspect says he did what he did. >> reporter: the king and queen of norway, government leaders, attended a memorial service today in oslo khalid r cathedra 93 victims. the killer said he wanted to change norwegian society. turned out just hours before the bombing in oslo, when he killed seven people with his homemade bomb, he posted on the internet a manifesto explaining what he wanted. what he wanted, he said, is essentially to change norwegian society. he wants to stop muslim immigration into europe. and he hopes that this attack, he said, would focus attention on his political issues. yesterday his lawyer had said that suspect who will appear in court -- be arraigned in court on monday said he found these attacks to be awful but necessary. tomorrow in court in oslo we'll see the suspect actually appearing in court. it should make for dramatic
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moments. of course, this nation is in shock. >> this just does not happen here. it's -- this is going to take time, i think, to -- to come to terms with and get a handle on. and then we can slowly start to move on. >> reporter: all over the capital there are mound of flowers and people hugging each other and wondering just how this could possibly have happened in their peaceful country. martin fletcher, nbc news, oslo, norway. the pressure is on in washington, d.c. right now. the latest republican deadline for a deal came and went late this afternoon and the president then invited the top two congressional democrats to the white house for a meeting tonight but did not include any republicans. meantime, republican leaders said if they cannot reach an agreement with democrats by tonight, they would roll out their own plan on the budget. talks between president obama and house speaker john boehner blew up on friday. now the race is on to come up with a plan both sides can live with to beat the august 2nd deadline to raise the debt
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ceiling. boehner all but dared president obama to follow through on his promise to veto any plan that does not raise the debt ceiling through the 2012 elections. without a deal, the nation hits its debt ceiling and defaults in just nine days. >> it must be extended in a way to give certainty to the economy and not some short-term gimmick. >> there is going to be a two-stage process. it's not physically possible to do all of this in one step. >> both sides blame the other for pushing the u.s. to the brink over raising the debt ceiling. something congress has actually done 70 times before with much less fanfare. hillary clinton put out an olive branch of sorts to north korea. she's traveling through asia and she reportedly invite aid top north korean envoy to new york to resume talks. state media responded saying the country would, quote, make the best use of opportunity of dialogue. tonight mrs. clinton is in hong
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kong. she was last there as first lady in 1998, one year after china took control of the city from great britain. there is much more ahead at 5:00. when we come back, summer camp with a twist. why a well-known surf spot is doing something that's never been done before. tributes from around the world are pouring in tonight for the late amy winehouse. what fans are doing to remember the singer's sudden death stunned much the music world. by land and sea, see how 400 people managed to escape from alcatraz today. the skies did eventually clear over alcatraz. 63 degrees in san francisco. the low clouds backed off for the afternoon. and for the week ahead, we'll see some warmer temperatures but we're also watching moisture in southern california that could get closer to the bay area. we'll talk about chance of perhaps some thunder later this week in the forecast when we b it's really delicious, mom.
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fans of the late british singer amy winehouse placed flowers and candles outside her home today. she was found dead in her london apartment yesterday. the 27-year-old's musical talent was overshadowed often times with her problems with drugs and alcohol. fans say they will remember her for her remarkable ability to communicate through song. >> i want people to know what an amazingly, beautiful, talented girl who made a big impact in the music world and personally to lots and lots of people. and that's ba what her family to know as well. she made a really big impact. >> an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. in san francisco today, the contemporary jewish museum held what had to be the first ever hand holding music and art
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exhibit. all of it with a gay and lesbian theme. ♪ there's the music, the hand holding part of the event comes after one of the security guards there told a lesbian couple two days ago they were not allowed to hold hands inside the museum. the museum director says today's event was a big success. >> we just couldn't be happier with the outcome. people coming, people singing "i want to hold your hand" and recognizing that the contemporary jewish museum is for everybody. >> museum officials say the guard worked for a private security company and was immediately removed from the premises after last week's incident. still to come at 5:00, a well known bay area surf spot becomes a place of healing as well.
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a well known surf spot in marin county is the site of an extraordinary camp. the woman behind it started with a vision of harnessing the
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healing power of the pacific ocean. lauren scott brings us the story. >> reporter: over a decade ago, armed with a law degree, surfing enthusiast natalie pepper took a different turn in life. she decided to work with special needs kids full time. now her love of surfing and her passion of helping children with autism have come together at a unique camp in the marin county town of balinas. >> i know how i surf, how it affects them in a positive way. i'm hoping it will foster a love of surfing for them. >> reporter: so, she founded spectrum surf camps. as for the meaning behind the camp's name -- >> there's autism spectrum. i mean, you've got high functioning kids that they have more difficulty with social situations and some children, some individuals, who they're nonverbal. they're really in their own space. >> reporter: the experience for the campers and even the junior
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counselors is certainly invigorating. some of this includes -- >> feeling the spray of the ocean against your face, the smell of the saltwater. and exhilaration as you're traveling fast along that wave. >> reporter: for the instructors, it's not only about fostering confidence in the campers but more importantly, helping them connect with nature. >> i'm always struck with how -- how long the kids can stay in the water. from where i'm standing, i'm starting to get cold and they're just out there so thrilled. >> we're so focused on a routine, all of us are, particularly kids on the spectrum. it helps if you can just slow down a little bit and you put yourself in an environment where you're just -- you're really present. >> reporter: while this year the camps are only here, the hope is that next year spectrum surf camps appear in other parts of the bay area. >> next summer i'm hoping to have a couple sessions in santa cruz. i've already contacted them.
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and hoping to have a couple sessions in pacifica. and then just expand from there. >> reporter: for all involved with the camp, a day at the beach has never been so gratifying. >> i mean, i can see now that there's already -- some of the children are -- i know they're hooked. they're going to be hooked for life. >> reporter: in marin county, i'm lawrence scott. hundreds of people braved the frigid water of the san francisco bay this morning for the 31st annual escape from the rock triathlon. they escaped use the same course as the original intim from alcatraz. started with a swim from alcatraz island. brr. a run from ought quaat baker be well. wasn't too bad for a run in san francisco. let's check in with meteorologist rob. hello. >> pretty nice start to the morning, not too windy and the sun came out for the afternoon. pretty nice day. still pretty nice right now in san jose, 76 degrees.
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northwest wind at 12 miles per hour. 68 and sunny in oakland, but if that northwest wind of 15, not warming up a whole lot around the east bay right now. speaking after alcatraz, 63 degrees. late day breezic kicking in at 16. north valleys we saw a cooler than average in the low 70s. low clouds backed away from the coast. we got sunshine for most of the bay area today. perhaps more interesting weather has been off to our south and east. you've been watching this moisture from what used to be tropical storm dora tossing showers off to the deserts east of los angeles. the system really fizzling out as it heads off to the north. a remnant low as it drifts actually over southern california on friday. the reason why that's relevant is it's going to start to pull some moisture closer to the bay area as this ridge of high pressure builds back closer to us later in the week. mid week we'll see warm-up for 90s inland. friday into saturday as this high builds out of the desert
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southwest, we could see some moisture approaching the santa cruz mountains, something we have to watch out for with fire danger with dry air and moisture coming in out of the south. tonight, areas of low clouds. temps in the 50s. tomorrow's high, close to what we had today. which means some 80s inland. as you head to gilroy, morgan hill, warmer spots we'll see tomorrow. san jose, 82 degrees. further north, 60s around san francisco. pacifica, temps in the mid-60s, morning mist. east bay, pretty comfortable, low 80s around san ramone and concord. north bay, we'll see temperatures mostly in the 70s. first half of the week looks cool and then warming up as we head to the weekend. the highs in the 90s by next saturday. >> sounds very nice. >> it is. >> thank you, rob. the san francisco giants are headed to washington, d.c. not to play the nationals but, rather, to meet the president. president obama invited the giants to congratulate them on their world series victory and to honor their community
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service. the team's original visit was rescheduled because it coincided with the announcement that u.s. forces had killed osama bin laden. after the team's visit to 1600 pennsylvania avenue, then they head to pennsylvania. to play the philadelphia phillies on tuesday. right now we want to check in with dave of comcast sports net. i hear your colleague will be joining the giant on their white house visit coming up. what's up? >> that's right. jamie will be at the white house with the giants. we'll have full coverage for you coming up on nbc bay area 6 p.m. show on monday. as for the show sunday, the giants trying to take 2 of 3 from brewers. could they get it done? we've got the details coming up after threak
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giants took to the geeld at at&t. they don't squander those chances having entered 6-1 in rubber match games this season. the brewers got off to an early lead thanks to ryan braun home run. the giants came storming back. bottom of the third, jeff keppinger, newest giant with rbi single to score bum gardner. we're tied, 1-1. mike fontenot lifts a sacrifice fly. sheer hol schierholtz comes in to score. eight strikeouts on the day. and then turned it over to the giants' bull pen. bryon wilson came in in the ninth and worked a 1, 2shg 3 inning. madison has now won three
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straight decisions. >> he did a great job calling the game. it's one of those days wri felt i was having to find myself. just felt like i did a good job overcoming that and making pitches. didn't have the best fastball today but was able to work around it. >> came out and pounded the strike zone. all his pitches working. that's a good lineup he went against. it's a good lineup, especially for a lneft-hander. very impressive outing. the a's looking for a victory in the bronx but yankees up 6-3 in the eighth, so oakland would have to come back. suzuki starts the comeback to score matsui. 7-4 now in the ninth. willingham with bases loaded comes up with an rbi single. meeks scores. next batter, dejesus with the bases loaded. oh, lines to teixeira. double play. game over. yankees win 7-5.
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yankees have won 16 of 18 against oakland. hey, big day in the little town of cooperstown, new york, as baseball malof fame opened its doors to trio of inductees. roberto was joined on the stage by long-time baseball executive pat gillick and pitcher bert i blyleven. strong indications we could be less than 24 hours away from the end of the longest work stoppage in nfl history. multiple reports indicate the players and owners have reached agreement on the remaining points needed in their ten-year labor deal. the nfl pa is making plans for a major press conference tomorrow. the new agreement will still require a majority vote from the players but that part of the deal is considered to be just a formality. that is good news for nfl fans everywhere. >> absolutely. thanks a lot. coming up next, we'll show you -- >> we'll see wer. l.ight >> all right. we'll show you how sand can make you a whole lot of money.
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itsd it's a work of art that only lasts a few hours. the u.s. open sandcastle competition took place in san diego. it's one of the largest in the country with prizes worth up to $5,000 and $21,000 total in prize money. teams made up of three to ten members were divided into professional and amateur groups. carving out for the title of master champion. that's very nice. this event draws national and international attention and has even been the subject of a national geographic explorer episode. according to the chp, listen to this, competition day is the single largest one-day event in the state, drawing an estimated 350,000 people to the beach. you know, i -- i think that there are even more spectacular. i think this is the amateur section because there are some spectacular castles in the professional section. and the deal is, it only lasts until 4:00 and then it gets washed away because of the tide. >> you have to move fast. >> of course. can you imagine working all

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